CISCO ASR1002-F + 2 x ASR1002-PWR-AC ASR1002F

CISCO ASR1002-F + 2 x ASR1002-PWR-AC ASR1002F

Cisco ASR1002 System, Fixed ESP, Crypto, 4 built-in GE, 4GB DRAM. Hardware Valley, we get things done. Hardware Valley is one of Europes leaders in supplying new, refurbished and used Cisco and Juniper network equipment. We carry , standard and non-standard, systems and peripherals and we specialize in exceeding the industry standard in knowledge, service, quality, and reliability. Due to this we receive a lot of appreciation and recommendations from our customers as we understand what they want and need in different situations. It is our highest priority to deliver maximum business benefits to our customers by offering different solutions, so they can maximize their return on investments. We deliver worldwide at high speed. Please send your VAT number of the company so we can make the invoice. REFURBISHED, the product is cleaned, tested and packed with the highest standards. What is ESD and why is it so important? ESD stands for Electro Static Discharge , which can be perceived as an electrostatic discharge. In daily life, you might have experienced this already yourself as the small shock you feel sometimes when leaving your car. When two materials of a different kind touch and be rubbed against each other, one will be charged positively and one negatively. The positively-charged material now can be considered electrostatic, meaning it will be discharged when making contact with certain other materials. Now, in the professional context of refurbishing high-end IT hardware, these other materials are the high-priced electronic devices we want to give a second life. So an electro static discharge here, could make components melt or even vaporize. Some of these damaged micro-parts will not cause the whole device to stop functioning at once, but they will decrease the lifetime of said product. This is what we call a latent defect. So in order to limit the amount of RMAs to an absolute minimum, we continuously invest in an ESD-proof refurbishing environment we call our ESD-street. What exactly do we do about? In order to deal with this phenomena, we have to proactively channel the discharge away from any electronic devices we work with. The whole environment is equipped with anti-static carpets and tables, products are bagged in anti-static plastics and transported in anti-static boxes. All employees, working our products in both the warehouse and refurbishing department, wear adjusted clothing, a wristband and gloves. The clothing avoids getting charged in the first place, the bracelet is connected to ESD-tables to discharge away from the equipment and the gloves logically avoid discharge to components as a third level of controlling ESD. We have testing engineers to assist you any time. We are looking forward to receive feedback about your positive experience with our company. In most cases it’s just miscommunication and we can work out the problems quickly. The item “CISCO ASR1002-F + 2 x ASR1002-PWR-AC ASR1002F” is in sale since Thursday, May 24, 2012. This item is in the category “Computer & Netwerk\Computer\ Accessoires\Geheugenkaarten\Netwerkkaarten”. The seller is “hardware-valley” and is located in Mechelen. This item can be shipped worldwide.

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